Top 10 Interesting Facts about Trafalgar Square

The Nelson’s Column Source: Link Busy squares and streets of London distinguish it from other cities in Europe. Fully packed with the hustle and bustle of the city, London Squares have become must-visit places for tourists...
Flag of Bulgaria

Top 7 Interesting Facts About Bulgaria

Here are some very interesting facts about Bulgaria that you probably didn't know. They are curiosities that will surprise many visitors to the country. I hope to bring you something new and that all...
View of Bendery Fortress

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Moldova

I'm not going to blame you for probably not knowing or locating Moldova on a map. Until practically two months ago I would not have been able to tell you a single thing about...

Top Interesting Facts About Ortona

Battle Of Ortona Source: Link Ortona is a beautiful Italian town known for its wine, castles, and basilicas. Spending a few days here is worth everything in this world, because of the calmness and incredible serenity....

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Ben Nevis

The Highest Mountain in the British Isles Source: Link Ben Nevis is one of the most important landmarks in Scotland being the highest mountain in the country. For centuries, the place has played a major role...

Top 10 Interesting Facts About York Castle

The Chapel in Clifford's Tower Source: Link York Castle is situated in York city, England. It is a walled complex containing a series of castles, law courts, prisons, and several other buildings on the southern side...

Top Interesting Facts about Pitigliano

The Little Jerusalem Source: Link Italy is known for having many secret or hidden gems that are excellent tourists’ destination. One of such places is Pitigliano. The town is quiet and has many archeological sites that...

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Siena Cathedral

Present Cathedral Started Eight Centuries Ago Source: Link The medieval church located in Siena, Italy is devoted to the Assumption of Mary. The Siena Cathedral formally the pontifical seat of the Diocese of Siena is currently...

Top Interesting Facts About Derwent Valley Mills

Cotton and silk are an important part of modern fashion culture today. The history of these highly relevant products will not be complete without talking about Derwent Valley Mills. This mill played an important...

Top Interesting Facts About The Royal Palace Of Caserta

The Palace of Caserta or Reggia di Caserta is a royal residence built for the kings of Naples. The construction of this magnificent edifice began in 1752, and it offers so much for visitors...

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