Top Interesting Facts About Borghese Gallery


Italy is home to many galleries, and one of the most important of them all is the Borghese Gallery. The gallery is housed in the former Villa Borghese Pinciana and has a huge collection of paintings, sculptures, and other antiquities. Here are 5 interesting facts to know about this lovely place.

An Integral Part Of A Large Park

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Borghese Gallery is part of a large park in Rome, known as the Borghese Gallery. The park is the largest public park in Rome, with several buildings of interest that can be found within it. The gallery was placed there as part of a conclusive package to turn the place into a quality tourist attraction site, offering so many features.

An Impressive Collection Of Sculptures

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One of the features that make Borghese Gallery irresistible is its impressive collection of sculptures. Here, visitors are treated to the works of highly talented artists, many of which have their works in the top best museums and galleries around the world. Sculptures you should never miss include, Paolina Borghese Bonaparte Come Venere Vincitrice by Antonio Canova. There is also Apollo and Daphne, David, La Verità (The Truth), and Ratto Di Proserpina (Rape of Proserpina) all by the Baroque style sculpture and architect, Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

They Offer An Inspiring Collection Of Paintings

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Apart from sculptures, the Borghese Gallery also features breathtaking paintings for all to see. These paintings have been collected from all over Italy, and they represent the best of Italian cultural heritage. There are many paintings, but the best ones we think you should never miss includes Dama con Liocorno (Young Woman with Unicorn), which was created by the artist Raffaello Sanzio (Raphael) in 1505. There are also David Con La Testa Di Golia (David with the head of Goliath) and Autoritratto In Veste Di Bacco (Bacchino Malato) by Caravaggio, and Amor Sacro E Amor Profano (Sacred and Profane Love) by Tiziano Vecellio (Titian). You should also check out Melissa by the artist Dosso Dossi.

Excellent Place For Tourists To Reflect

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If you’re looking for inspiration in your business and personal life, The Borghese Gallery is one of those places where you can get plenty of doses of inspiration. Here you will be able to walk around the gallery as you explore the finest works of genius artists from centuries past. Even though they have a “no pictures” rule, many people still get away with taking pictures. If you’re tired, you can join other tourists at the café for a cup of coffee. The gallery has high-quality facilities, including a very good toilet.

Twenty Rooms On Two Floors

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The Borghese Gallery has a total of twenty rooms, which are on two floors. Each of these rooms has something unique about them, and they have been so made to give visitors easy access to the kind of works they wish to see. The main floor is entirely devoted to objects from classical antiquities, i.e., 1st–3rd centuries AD. It’s on this floor you will find the famous 320–30 AD mosaic of gladiators, which was discovered on the Borghese estate at Torrenova.