Top Interesting Facts About Kalambaka


Have you ever been to a town with houses built on rocks? Kalambaka is a town situated at the foot of the Meteora peaks. The place is surrounded by beautiful rocks that will catch your attention. It is an ideal destination for tourists to explore the history of the city and geographical formation of how the rocks existed. Here are some interesting facts that make Kalambaka one of the most visited places in Greece.


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Kalambaka is renowned for its amazing rock formations that are nothing less than breathtaking. It is a must-visit place in Greece as you will find some monasteries and churches built on top of the rocks. The landscape from the mountains is amazing, as well as the weather. It is advisable to book a local guide while visiting the mountains to give you a detailed history of the place as it contains a lot of cultural and historical information. Viewing the sunset from the mountain is an amazing experience. There are caves here that you can explore with your guide.

Valaam Monastery

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Valaam monastery was founded in 1517 and is renowned for housing valuable collections of Byzantine relics. It is a huge rock about 380 meters high and built around the 14th century. There are about 150 steps for you to climb from the road up to the monastery. It is a well-preserved place and is easily accessible than other monasteries in that area. You will find the place amazing with wonderful decorations and a gorgeous view and setting. There are nice wall paintings inside that will give you a peek into ancient history and art. This monastery is an active place of worship where you will find a few monks.

Meteora Restaurant

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You may want to take a break from mountain climbing and have a refreshing meal. Meteora restaurant is right at your convenience as you will find it in the main square of the town. It has a big space outside in front of the Meteora Mountains. The service offered is of high quality, and you will find the staff very friendly. The food is very affordable, and you could settle for a chilled bottle of beer along with other visitors.

Agios Nikolaos Anapaphsas

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This is the smallest of the 16th-century monasteries. It is truly an eye-catching monastery built around the top of the rock instead of on top of it. You have to walk up 200 steps to get inside the building. The glorious sight of the interior paintings and iconography are worth the trip. The feeling of calm and spirituality one gets is quite rewarding, coupled with the historic facts inside. The view from the mountain is spectacular, which gives you a perfect picture of the houses in the town.

National History Museum Of Meteora & Mushroom Museum

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This is a perfect place to visit with children. The national museum is a historic building that you can find stuffed animals, exhibits, and mushrooms. It is divided by two floors; the bottom is a taxidermy display showing dozen species of birds and mammals. The 2nd floor is where the magical mushroom fun begins with eye-catching displays.