Top Interesting Facts About Zahara De La Sierra


Zahara de la Sierra is one of the picturesque towns of all the white villages in Andalucia, Spain, that simply takes your breath away. The village is located on the north-eastern tip of the province of Cadiz in the heart of an outstanding UNESCO biosphere reserve. There are beautiful places and activities to explore in this village, which is why we have come up with some nice facts about Zahara de la Sierra that will interest you.

Zahara de la Sierra Reservoir

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This reservoir is the most visited place in the town, making it a favorite destination for visitors. Although a new reservoir, activities like water sports and swimming which didn’t exist 10 years ago in Zahara now takes place. There is a short path up to a mock-castellated wall area cited on a small hill that gives you a perfect view of the reservoir as well as the surroundings of the village itself. A smart way to spend a sunny afternoon is at this reservoir.

Mirador de Zahara

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Mirardor is a beautiful observation point in Zahara located in a way you can enjoy stunning views of all the surroundings. From this viewpoint, you can witness a huge limestone mass referred to as ‘Sierra de Líjar’ crowned by a large plain. You can also relax on the mountain and enjoy a picnic with friends and take pictures while having a panoramic view of the landscape.

Castle of Zahara de la Sierra

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This is a castle that is worth visiting in Zahara. The top of the castle gives you a panoramic view of the reservoir and the countryside. It is a nice place to be, as you will find it less crowded. You will also find a few steep steps and walkways on your way up. Taking photographs at the top of the castle will be amazing as you experience the lake and surrounding district. You can even go inside the castle, which is well preserved and climb the internal stairs to the top to get a better view and take more photos, but you need a torch as the narrow stairs have no natural light.

Arroyo Bocaleones Water Trail

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This is a wonderful route that you can use to view the city. The canyons are beautiful, and the water is very cold, so take note. It is the best spot to spend a hot day. It is not recommended to walk on this route alone as the safety of the place is not ensured. Hiking is one activity you will enjoy at this water trail, so don’t forget to do some hiking while visiting.

The Clock Tower

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A smart way to enjoy your tour in Zahara de la Sierra is by visiting this magnificent clock tower. The clock tower is a popular attraction in the village and known to be the oldest monument in Zahara. History has it that the name of the tower emanates from a clock that was installed to inform the inhabitants of Zahara of the time situation about having references for ecclesiastical activities and working hours at the beginning of the century. The clock was restored in the nineties and had been running until the beginning of the 21st century.