Top Interesting Facts About Villa d’Este


This 16th-century villa in Tivoli, near Rome in Italy, is famous for being a living museum. It is full of interesting features, especially the collection of amazing fountains, which provides a source of inspiration for tourists. Here are the 5 most interesting things for you to learn about this place.

Symbol Of An Italian Renaissance Masterpiece

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During the renaissance era, many product sor works of art and science were established. The Villa d’Este, which was commissioned by Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este (1509–1572), has remained one of the notable examples of exceptional garden and architectural design. The garden is regarded as one of the best Italians has to offer, and it draws thousands of visitors every year who come to admire its majesty.

Product Of A Lover Of The Arts

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Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este was a lover of the arts who supported many art projects and artists of his time. During his time, he earned a lot of money and lavished it, because of his ambition to become Pope. Unfortunately, his ambition didn’t become a reality, and it was due to his elaborate and extravagant lifestyle. But still, he was made governor of Trivoli where he had the opportunity to use his influence to create amazing works of art that many people appreciate today.

Amazing Collection Of Fountains

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You can’t talk about Villa d’Este without mentioning the fountains. In all, there are fifty-one fountains and nymphaeums, 64 waterfalls, 398 spouts, and 220 basins, 364 water jets, and so on. The fountains are named based on the area of the garden they are located including the fountain of The Vialone, or Terrace. There is also the fountain of the upper garden which includes the fountain of the Bicchierone, the grotto of Pomona, and the fountain of Pegasus. There is also the oval fountain (Fontana dell’ Ovato), the hundred fountains (Cento Fontane), the fountain of Rometta, the fountain of the dragons, the fountain of Neptune, etc.

Exploring The Majestic

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One of the most common activities that visitors like to take part in is exploring the majestic villa. The place is made up of several apartments and a sumptuous piano, which is decorated and painted by numerous artists. There is the apartment of the Cardinal that includes a decorated wooden ceiling and a private chapel. The lower floor contains very impressive artworks in various halls, including the first tiburtine hall, fresco in the hall of Noah, the triumph of Apollo, in the second tiburtine hall, hall of glory, hall of the hunt, and so on.

A Must-See For Tourists

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Many people who visit this side of Italy always love to come here because of its magnificent appearance. The modern entrance to the Villa is next to the Church of Santa-Maria Maggiore, and the courtyard of the Villa which used to be the cloister of the convent has remained a major part of the villa. As a tourist, you will have so much to engage with here, both inside and outside. Every part of the Villa d’Este has something to admire and appreciate.