Top Interesting Facts About The Beatles Statue


Liverpool is the home of the Beatles, a rock band that was formed in 1960. Eventually, this group of four exceptional individuals went on to become one of the most iconic musicians of all time. The Beatles Statue, made out of bronze, was unveiled in 2015 in honor of their contribution to humanity. Here are 5 interesting things about the statue you should know about.

Fifty Years After Their Show At Merseyside

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While The Beatles started in Liverpool, their fame went all around the world where they performed in big concerts, from continent to continent. The unveiling of the statue coincides with 50 years from the last time they had their show in the city. Appearing in the public domain is a huge contribution to city development, and the people behind it hoped that people loved it.

The Statue Is Made Out Of Bronze

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Like many statues in Liverpool, Bronze was used for the making of The Beatles Statues. Over the ages, bronze has been seen as the ideal medium because of its very beneficial properties to ensure long-lasting and avoid damage due to weather conditions. Weighing 1.2 tones, the statue is a masterful work of art that depicts the musicians with impressive details. Sculptor Andy Edwards worked on the statue for months, believing that his work will resonate with the people who come to see it.

It Reflects A Real Photo Shoot

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Many people would have wondered why the statue doesn’t involve musical instruments, titles, or some types of explanation. Interestingly, the statue reflects a real photoshoot, which was taken 1963 as the group was walking on the streets of Liverpool. The figures, however, are bigger than the real characters, which is going to dwarf many people as they try to take pictures with the statue.

Acorns Are Added At The Last Minute

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During the 1960s the world was in turmoil, especially with the height of the cold war that was ravaging Europe and threatening human existence. It was during this period that John Lennon, one of The Beatles, send acorn to world leaders. Two acorns were placed in a small, round case, after which they are sent. Along with the package is a letter that reads, “we are sending you two living sculptures—which are acorns. We do hope that you will plant them, and as they grow, they will remind you that world peace is achievable. Chris Butler, the managing director of Castle Fine Art Foundry Ltd, who conceived the idea and donated the statue to the city, went all the way to New York to get those acorns and added it to the statue, in the last minutes, as an everlasting symbol of peace.

It’s Already A Huge Tourist Attraction

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Since Liverpool is a very popular tourist center, the statues were added to help boost its tourism potential. Fortunately, the idea is working. Since it has been unveiled, most Beatles fans who visit the city always come here to pay homage.