Top Interesting Facts about St Michael’s Cathedral


Commonly known as Coventry Cathedral, St. Michael’s Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of Coventry and the Diocese of Coventry. It is renowned for being part of the Church of England in Coventry, West Midlands, with the current (9th) Bishop being Christopher Cocksworth and John Witcombe, who is the current dean. These are some amazing facts you didn’t know about St. Michael’s Cathedral.

The leadership of the Coventry

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A few noble persons lead Coventry Cathedral. John Witcombe, the Dean of the Cathedral, is the overall leader of the Cathedral’s Ministry both locally and internationally. He initially studied law at Cambridge University before serving a curacy in the ex-mining parish of Birtley, County Durham. He has led churches in other places in the country and completed an M.Phil in Theology as well as teaches practical theology. Another notable leader in Coventry Cathedral is Reverend Canon David Stone, who is the sub-dean of the cathedral since April 2014. He is in charge of the Cathedral’s Music and Worship Department and responsible for all services that take place in the church. Other respective leaders include Kathryn Fleming and Isabel Merrifield.

History of the Cathedral

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In the past 1000 years, the Coventry cathedral was known to have had three Cathedrals. The Cathedrals include the 12th Century Priory Church of St. Mary, the Medieval Parish Church Cathedral of St. Michael, and the modern Coventry Cathedral, also named after St. Michael. The Church of St. Michael was designated as a cathedral with the modern diocese of Coventry created in its own right in 1938. Records have it that the great ruins of the churches and cathedrals of England are the outcome of the violence of the dissolution in 1539, but the ruins of St. Michael’s are the consequences of violence in our own time.

A Place Of Welcome And Hospitality

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Apart from being a center of worship and prayer, St. Michael’s Cathedral is a place that welcomes people from different parts of the world with love and care. People visit the cathedral for many reasons, including seeking information about the building, its art treasures, and architecture. Some visit the cathedral as tourists, some as pilgrims, and some to pray or light a candle. There is a café in the cathedral that is available for visitors to refresh themselves.


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During worship in the Cathedral, Music is considered very important. St. Michael’s Cathedral has a responsibility in training stewards of its special music heritage. The choirs in this cathedral perform music in up to fifteen languages and also perform on Radio and TV. Ministrations by the Cathedral’s Choirs are also rendered at lead services and concerts both home and abroad.

Arts and Exhibitions

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The Cathedral of St. Michael is also famous for holding several events, including arts and exhibitions. An exhibition like the New Year’s Eve is an event that takes place every year, where there will be projections onto the ceilings of the cathedral using the design of the roof. Other exhibitions that take place include the Digital Art Exhibition and the Tightrope Replay.