Top Interesting Facts About Sallent De Gallego


Have you ever wondered why Spain is recognized as one of the perfect tourist destinations in the world among other countries? This is because the country is blessed with beautiful sights and landmarks, and Sallent de Gallego is one of such places. Sallent de Gallego is located in the central Pyrenees beside the reservoir of Lanuza on the foot of some of the highest summits of the chain, close to the border with France. Here are some interesting facts about Sallent de Gallego that you may discover while visiting Spain.

Paco Bridge

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Paco Bridge is a historical monument in Sallent de Gallego and a picturesque medieval bridge that ushers you into the village. The bridge is a single eye pointed, masonry built in the sixteenth century. Its surroundings are lovely, and it is a perfect place to be.

Tena Valley

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Tena Valley is a beautiful place for tourists who have a wild admiration for nature and need relaxation for the eyes and mind. It is located in the center of the Aragonese Pyrenees, in the upper basin of the river Gallego, accessing both Spain and France. You will find the natural environment exciting as it is made up of high mountain vegetation, a forest of wild pine, fir, yew, oak, and more than 500 different species of flowers like strawberry or edelweiss. It is the perfect place for mountain lovers, especially if you love engaging in climbing and hiking. Wildlife is not an exception to this valley as you will find live foxes, owls, squirrels, partridges, and other animals.

Our Lady Of The Assumption Church

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Our Lady of the Assumption Church was built on the remains of a previous Romanesque chapel (of which the cover is retained) in the sixteenth century by order of Juan de Lanuza. The church is declared a Historic-Artistic Monument built in masonry and reinforced by buttresses.

The Villages

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The villages in Sallent de Gallego have a stunning look with its typical mountain construction just along the Tena Valley. It is a haven in the middle of nowhere and is the best location for families on vacation. Along the streets, you will find an old stone bridge, a lovely Gothic church, and noble manor houses with slate roofs. A place that might interest you to visit is a fantastic hotel known as El Almud. There are also good bars and restaurants you will find in case you want to have a couple of drinks.

Lanuza Reservoir

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Although still embedded in the Tena valley, you may want to engage in activities here. Managed by the Hydrographic Confederation of the Ebro, the Lanuza reservoir was built in1980 and was named after the town that was flooded under its waters. You will find a huge floating stage on the water, which can hold 4,000 people. The month of July is the best period to visit this place as you will be able to participate in the music festival that holds there every year.