Top Interesting Facts About Parga


The most popular holiday destination in Greece is Parga. It is a picturesque town in the western part of the country with colorful houses on top of the mountains, natural landscape, exotic beaches with turquoise waters, and the secluded bay that faces the Ionian Sea. Parga is the perfect place to spend a vacation with family and friends. Let’s explore Parga.

Aphrodite’s Cave

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Aphrodite’s cave is a lovely spot to enjoy a boat ride in the islands. It is a beautiful turquoise sea ideal for swimming, and the scenery is stunning with crystal clear waters. Take a trip to the cave, swim in and out of the caves, and enjoy the adventurous experience. The cave is a must place to visit during your travel to Parga or in the area.

Anthoussa Castle In Parga

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Anthoussa castle is a beautiful castle located on top of a hill between Parga and Agia. The Turkish governor of loaninna, Ali Pasha constructed the castle in order to inspect the area, the sea, and mostly the town of Parga. The wall of the castle remains strong because of its excellent preservation, and it is known to dominate the entire region. History has it that the residents of Parga used the castle as a base operation to resist the Ottoman attacks. You will find two ramparts protecting the entrance on the northern side. The summer period is the best time to visit the castle as you will get to partake in cultural events that are held there.

The Venetian Castle Of Parga

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If you want to enjoy a magnificent view of Parga, then you should pay a visit to this castle. The Venetian castle, located on top of a hill, was initially built in the 11th century by the residents of Parga to protect their town from pirates and later rebuilt in the 16th century to make it a strong fortress. The castle displays great architectural exponents and some interesting details. You can have a couple of drinks and snacks at the cafeteria in the castle in case you are exhausted.

Archeron River

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You wouldn’t want to miss visiting this wonderful river while on vacation in Parga. Although located at the border of Thesprotia and Preveza, the springs of Archeron River is an area of noticeable natural beauty. Ancient Greek mythology holds that Archeron was one of the five rivers of the Greek underworld, which makes it renowned for its mythological contents. The river flows from the mountains of Souli Epirus and reaches the Ionian Sea in Ammoudia beach after a long way. It is mostly visited because of its beautiful surroundings, adorning rich vegetation, and crystalline waters, which comprise a unique natural landscape.

Panagia Chapel

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Although small, this church is known to be a blessing for every visitor. Panagia church is situated on a small island opposite the town beach of Parga. The island is accessible only by a short swim. Events like marriages are held in the church as well as the August 15th celebration held to honor the Virgin Mary Assumption. It is a nice location to take photographs with friends.