Top Interesting Facts About Pacentro


Pacentro is a commune of 1279 inhabitants of the province of L’Aquila in Abruzzo, Italy. The historic medieval village is renowned for being one of the most beautiful places in Italy. The hills and valleys, traditional lifestyle, great food, and adventure of this charming town are worth visiting. A beautiful holiday spent here wouldn’t be a waste of time as you will discover interesting facts about the picturesque destination. These are some amazing facts about Pacentro that will boost your confidence in choosing Italy for a nice vacation.


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Annually, for six days in the third week of August, Pacentro dates back to the period during the reign of the Princes of Caldora. This event is referred to as ‘The Cardores in the year of the Lord 1450’. Historical events took place in Pacentro in the year 1450, and this historical reenactment of the Caldoreschi brings everyone and everything back to that year. You will find people wearing beautiful costumes during the historical procession through the streets. The cores of the Gypsies is another event that usually takes place in Pacentro. You could partake in this event if you visit the village on the first Sunday of September. The Corsa represents the pilgrimage of the faithful to the sanctuary.

St. Magdalena Church

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St. Magdalena church is a chapel on a hill with a lovely view of the beautiful mountains of the Dolomites. You can visit the church for a fantastic view of the valley as well as the scenery. St. Magdalena church is a place of peace and quietness. The landscape around the church is a good location for trekking and mountain biking. You will find interesting wall paintings in the church and a beautiful baroque altar.

The Malga

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The Malga is the best place for a stopover to enjoy the best of Italy cuisines while touring Pacentro. The cuisine is varied, and you can choose between hot sweet dishes and drinks. The excellent food and tranquility offered by the restaurant are simply amazing. You will find the environment very clean and well-positioned for your fun and enjoyment. The price of food is a bit friendly as it is a little above average.

Charlotte Horse Riding

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If you have never ridden a horse, Charlotte Horse riding is the best horse riding experience you can have in Pacentro. The horses are well trained, and you will find the owner and staff very friendly. The gallop up the mountain is worth the ride as the staff will help you know how to prepare for trot. The horse riding experience is loved by many visitors who come here so, you’re going to find a lot of people like you there.


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Bullacia is an amazing panoramic view over the valley. It’s a 2-3 hours walk up at 2000 meters. It is a great walk into the woods that is perfectly signalized, so you don’t miss your way. You can take Water, snacks, and a camera along while entering into the woods or rather take a break at a hut restaurant for a good meal, fries, and a beer.