Top Interesting Facts About Nafplio


There are several seaports cities in the world. But Nafplio is renowned for having amazing features that qualify it to be one of the most beautiful seaport cities in the world. The town is located in the Peloponnese region in Greece. It is typically referred as the most romantic destination in the country. These are some unknown facts you need to know about the wonderful city of Nafplio.

Different Beaches And Secluded Coves In The Coastal Town

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Nafplio has its exceptions for a vacation getaway as it is surrounded by a variety of beaches and secluded coves. Restaurants and cafes are easily accessible on the beach, and you can find dynamic town centers close to the beach to ease relaxation. About 9km (5.6 miles) from Napflio is a popular beach known as Tolos. Katraski beach is best preferred if you need a quiet and peaceful environment. Several other beaches including Neraki, Karathona, and Arvanitia are also places you should visit.

Palamidi Castle

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Palamidi castle is seen above a clifftop to the left as you drive into Nafplio. It is an excellent destination for tourists where they can discover the historic and strategic position of the beautiful town. There are about 999 steps for you take before getting to the castle. Endeavor to carry as much water as you can while going up the steps as you will find it warmer along the way. In order to reserve your energy, you can take the taxi up to the entrance. You will find a courtyard with various sign attractions for directions when inside the castle. It is a beautiful location with gorgeous views at the top. The old prison cells, bastions, and well-preserved parts are amazing sites to behold in the castle.

Church Of Ayios Gorgeous

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It is a beautiful church located on the side street of Nafplio’s old town with views of both the interior and exterior. The old church has impressive architecture, historical significance, and religious iconography. You may want to attend service in the church while visiting Nafplio.

Nafplio Promenade

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The promenade is relatively less-crowded with a pleasant waterfront for sight viewing. The cliffside promenade is an essential and unique feature of Nafplio that made it the capital city of Greece for a short period. Several locals find it interesting to take an evening walk at night to have a proper view of the waters. The perfect place to lounge is the waterside coffee cafes where you could walk around and hangout.

Archaeological Museum Of Nafplion

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Museums are good places to visit on tour to Greece and the great archaeological museum of Nafplion waiting for you to have a wonderful experience filled with knowledge. It is a well-displayed museum encompassing a wide range of archaeological artifacts. The edifice is located in the former Venetian mansion dated from 1725 and renovated recently. There are well-explained presentations in the audio guide included in the admission fee. Although quite small with 2 floors, it is a great medium to learn about the history of Greeks.