Top Interesting Facts about Inistioge


If you need a nice place to partake in a host of activities, sights to see, and relaxation, Inistioge is the perfect destination for you. Inistioge is a charming village with a beautiful garden and arboretum that attracts people from all over the world. This exceptional destination is a place to enjoy a serene vacation with family and friends. These are some interesting facts you will find out about the village while spending a vacation.

Jerpoint Park

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Jerpoint Park is a tourist attraction in the Republic of Ireland and known as one of the most visited destinations in Inistioge by tourists. It is a working sheep farm with Historic significance that you will find very interesting. The famous St. Nicholas is also said to have been buried in this park. You will find the tour guide very knowledgeable, sharing a lot of information about the historical significance of the farm.

Kilfane Glen and Waterfall

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If you want an escape into the tranquility of a beautifully restored Romantic period garden and waterfall, then Kilfane Glen is the right place for you to be. You have to make the best of this as it is only opened for two months of the year. The waterfall is lovely as well as the two little Stone Bridges found close to it. It is a nice spot for you to relax, enjoy the weather and take in the sounds of the rushing water, the sounds of birds, and the smell of flowers.

Woodstock Gardens and Arboretum

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Spending vacation in Inistioge without visiting Woodstock Gardens and Arboretum will be a total mistake. It is a lovely, atmospheric old garden with origins in the mid-1850s. The park is a great place to stroll for a walk, especially the lovely wooded areas and the river walk, where you will get a perfect display of colors in the autumn. It is an ideal location to enjoy a serene atmosphere and take some cute photos.

Woodville House And Gardens

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Apart from the Woodstock gardens and arboretum, the Woodville house is another exciting place for you to explore in Inistioge. This beautiful garden that has an enthusiastic owner will never disappoint anyone who’s on an adventure. A striking feature of the garden is the original box hedging proudly maintained by the owner. The garden is also extensively planted with several varieties of apple, cherry, and pear.

Brandon Hill

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One of the top spectacular destinations never to be missed in Inistioge is Brandon Hill. It is the highest mountain in County Kilkenny Ireland, with an elevation of 515m. The mountain is a tough climb but so worth it when you get to the peak where you will get a stunning view of the city. It is a smart way to spend a day with the windy summit from the mountain top. It is advisable to have proper boots when climbing up as the mountain is known to be very rocky and sometimes could be sloppy. Having a bottle of water wouldn’t be a bad idea because the hike is very long, and dehydration is imminent. The mountain is well worth the climb for a panoramic view and some nice photographs.