Top Interesting Facts about Fiskardo


You haven’t really explored the Ionian island of Kefalonia until you paid a visit to the village of Fiskardo. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy great weather, incredible views, and, most importantly, beaches. There are also quality restaurants, walking trails, and many other things that will keep you busy and excited all day long.

Lovely Breathtaking Beaches

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Your visit to Fiskardo will be defined by how much you’re able to explore their lovely beaches. There are many of them, but the ones most frequented by tourists include Emplisi Beach. It offers clear blue turquoise sea, white stone beach, and pines that will take your breath away and give you a feeling of paradise.

You can also try out the Kimilia Beach, which is situated on the outside of Fiskardo village. After all the shopping and everything, you can come here to swim, relax by the side of the beach and watch the beauty and wonders of nature. This tiny beach is far from the crowd, giving you hideaway from the noise. You can also try out Dafnoudi Beach for a different experience. Make sure you put on beach shoes if you plan to join others in the mini hiking.

Fiscardo Harbor

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One of the most interesting aspects of Fiscardo is Harbor. It represents the history and culture of the village known for its fishing business. At the Fiscardo Harbor, you can rent boats or join others on a boat cruise to explore the nearby water areas. From the harbor area, you can also take a walk to visit the lighthouse, and the Basilica ruins. There are also many places where you can enjoy great meals while watching the beautiful sunset.

The Cypress Trail

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If you’re tired of the beach or don’t want to visit the harbor, the next best thing you can do is to explore The Cypress Trail. The two and a half walk takes tourists around the area of Foki and Fiscardo, where they get to experience the beauty of nature at its most pure form. The trail is laid with signposts ensuring that visitors will be able to walk through the area without missing their way. It also provides they are able to locate the very best section of the trail where no one should miss.

Many Activities To Engage

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Fiscardo’s beautiful location makes it the perfect place for a holiday with plenty of activities to engage in. Apart from walking in the hills or swimming on the beach, you can also hire a kayak and explore the perfect coastline to your satisfaction. Many people also go for e-bike tours and experience marine adventure.

Fiscardo’s Unbelievable Nightlife

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By day, Fiscardo is awesome. When night comes, it changes into an entirely different destination where you will experience the very best nightlife the people here enjoy. Lights, cafes, restaurants, old buildings, and the Mediterranean atmosphere all come together to create a spectacular destination with plenty of things to do over the night. If you’re a people watcher, you can go here to learn about the latest fashion and discover new trends.