Top Interesting Facts About Cudillero


Fishing is a prevalent occupation in Cudillero, but its main economic activities are related to tourism. The Village is a municipality in the principality of Asturias, Spain. It is said to be a small but picturesque village on the northern coast of Spain to have been founded by the Vikings. The people of Cudillero speak Spanish and a dialect called Pixueto. Taking a tour in Spain will interest you to discover some amazing facts about Cudillero.

The Port

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Cudillero, an enchanting fishing village on the coast of Asturias, Spain is known to have many ports due to the predominance of fishing activities held in the beautiful city. This is a great area to walk while visiting Cudillero. There are nice close-up views of the ocean water on the other side at the seawall closest to the town. You can also have a view of colorful fishing boats and sailboats while visiting the port. Back in the days, the port was regarded as one of the most important of the entire Cantabrian coast. It attracted the biggest fleet in the region, but today, it is a usual thing to see the arrival of the small fishing boats coming to the protected port. There is also a route for eating fish very close to the port where you can try out some delicious fishes the city has to offer.

A Colour Palette Made By Houses

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The natural position of the houses in Cudillero characterizes the village as a real treasure that you can’t miss once you’re in Asturias. Taking a walk along the narrow streets, you will come across various architectural sights, from the Gothic churches and chapels to the modern buildings and restaurants. Houses found on the hill fan out from the bay in a semi-circle and are painted in various colors. Having a view of the Indian houses “built in the 19th century by the Spanish emigrants who came back to their homeland” will be amazing because they built polished houses and palaces.

Somiedo Nature Reserve

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If you are a great lover of nature, visiting the Someido nature reserve in Cudillero will be fantastic as it is the home of Europe’s largest populations of free-roaming brown bears. This reserve in 2000 was awarded the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Designation. In the nature reserve, you can find all the large mammals that live in cudillero, together with a large number of small mammals comprising of more than one hundred bird species and twenty amphibian and reptile species.

La Quinta

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Cudillero is also renowned for having one of the finest parks in Spain. La Quinta parks and gardens follow the requirements of the historic model characteristics of French, Italian, and English landscape gardens. It is an eclectic, mixed style of garden that would suit your relaxation. The main buildings reflect the taste for small palaces and villas and have very clearly defined areas that blend into each other.

The Church of Santa Maria

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The beautiful church of Santa Maria is a place you will want to visit while in Cudillero. The three-square tower is worthy to behold and is completed with a stone cornice and feline gargoyles. The upper two stories have niches where you will find rectangular windows between them.