Top Interesting Facts About Corinaldo


The Italian village of Corinaldo is a small medieval village located in the province of Ancona (in the Marche region). It is protected by walls and regarded as one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Corinaldo is a must-see town because it boasts of some splendid historical places of interest that you will find amazing. Here are some wonderful facts about the beautiful village that you may likely discover.


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This is a place you will visit and always want to return because the people, the food, the artisan beer, the culture, and history are out of this world. Mura is a perfectly preserved wall in the city with towers and bricks. It’s really authentic, like stepping into a Renaissance town. From the terrace above, you can view restaurants, the beautiful streets, and churches in the village. It is preferable to walk around as you will find the town to be a very interesting hill towns in Italy.

La Piaggia, Staircase of Corinaldo/ the Polenta Well

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When you stroll around the small town of Corinaldo, you will stumble upon this staircase, which has a medieval well located along its steep. The well is meant to provide water to the surrounding homes, and the tyrant of Corinaldo Antonello Accattabriga built it in the second half of the fifteenth century. It was then rebuilt in 1980 to serve as the backdrop for the medieval festival called ‘The Struggle for the Polenta well’ which depicts the story of a sack of flour falling into the well. The well is the oldest historical reenactment of the Ancona province, boasting more than 36 editions today. You can take photographs at the well, especially while you are going up the stairs.

The Goldoni Theatre

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You will be charmed by this 19th-century treasure theatre, perfectly restored with all its original decorations and materials. The Goldoni theatre is known to be one of the main venues of Corinaldo’s cultural lifestyle. Visiting during the period of masquerade balls will be amazing

Saint Maria Goretti’s Birthplace

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Saint Maria Goretti was born in a house which is a short distance from the historic center, in the “Pregiagna” countryside that can be reached by bus. Maria Goretti is an Italian virgin martyr of the Catholic Church worshipped all over the world and was born in Corinaldo on October 16, 1890. A sanctuary was named after her and called Saint Maria Goretti Diocesan Sanctuary and is located at the peak of the historic center. The sanctuary is easily identified by its bell towers above the roof of Corinaldo. When you enter the left, you will find her parent’s tomb, which is very close to each other.

Local Specialties

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Many cyclo-pedestrian routes are running through the hills far and wide that will enable you to take a break to visit a farm and see the glass of Verdicchio or rather try a little extra-virgin oil. Corinaldo has the best traditional local dishes for you that express the power of simple ingredients of excellent quality. The extra-virgin oil is added essentially to most foods, as a plain recipe that will give you a tantalizing taste.