Top Interesting Facts About Borghetto


Have you ever wondered why Italy is considered to be the best tourist destination in the world? This is because the beautiful country has charming villages with great sights and landmarks for you to enjoy a holiday. Borghetto is a top destination in Italy mainly because of the attractive villages. The stone houses, ancient watermills, and the view of the castle appearing among the trees on the hill make it a place for you to explore. Here are some amazing facts about the village you may discover while visiting Italy.

Land of Venice; Verona, Lake Garda, and Countryside

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Venice is an amazing place you should visit while in Borghetto. It is a blockbuster destination for many travelers to discover the delights of the surrounding region. Exploring Lake Garda is the best way to end your day where you can discover the history of the town and take a boat tour across the lake. You can also have a sample of local dishes for lunch in the countryside hamlet. Taking a walk through Verona offers a rare opportunity to discover the home of Romeo and Juliet.

Castello Scaligero

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This is a beautiful castle that you wouldn’t want to miss out in Borghetto. The Castle’s scenery is very nice, and you can view the surrounding plains from there. Be sure to have your camera with you as you go round the surrounding area. The walk up the slope is worth the effort, and you can see right across to Borghetto as well as the bridge where they usually hold the bridge festival. The tower of the castle is always open between April to September, and that is the best period to visit the castle.

Electric Bike Adventure Among Medieval Castles And Old Villages

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If you haven’t experienced a ride on an electric bike before, then Borghetta is the best place for you give it a try. You can hop on the bike and cycle around the Scaliger castle. There is a lot of fun riding along the river where you will sight green sceneries and breathtaking views surrounding the countryside. Taking a break with coffee and tasting some delicious gelato will make your tour complete.

Parco Giardino Sigurta

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This park is the ideal place in Borghetto to spend a day. You can immerse yourself in the 600,000 square meters of green lawns and ancient woods. Feasting your eyes on the maze and colorful displays of seasonal flowers, as well as the panoramic view from the rolling hill, should never be missed. The garden can be visited at any time because it changes its appearance from season to season. In summer, visitors can enjoy the refreshing shade of the boughs of age-old trees and admire the flowering ornamental gardens, while autumn has its seasonal flowerings to be enjoyed. It is a beautiful park and a good place to spend with children too.

Tenuta San Leone

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Tenuta San Leone is a very lively place where you can stop by for relaxation. You could also have a quick lunch or a bottle of beer. It is a nice place to purchase a good selection of local wines. You will find the best of Italian cuisines like risotto for an affordable price. There is secure parking and beautiful open space for you.