5Honey-Colored Seventeenth Century Stone Cottages

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There is a reason why William Morris, a nineteenth-century artist, called Bibury the most beautiful village in England. Once you set your eyes on this paradise, you’re completely mesmerized. Bibury is the perfect destination for a holiday and to explore an exciting part of England. Here are five interesting reasons why you should visit this place.  One of the most unmissable elements of the village of Bibury is the honey-colored seventeenth century stone cottages, which were used as accommodation for weavers that supplied cloth mills. One of the most exciting things you could ever do on your visit to this place is to explore the cottages and experience the rich culture they preserve. Don’t miss the Arlington Row built in 1380 as a wool store for the monastery. Later, it was converted into weavers’ cottages during the seventeenth century. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!