Top Interesting Facts About Alarcon


Spain is more than just sunshine and beaches. The beautiful city of Alarcon is endowed with glorious sites that Spain has to offer. Alarcon is a municipality in the province of Cuenca, in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha. This city is a great historic-artistic site because of its great monuments and the surrounding countryside. Alarcon is an amazing place to spend a vacation in Spain, and here are some interesting facts about the city that will make your experience unforgettable.

Descubre Alarcon

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You can closely explore Alarcon by visiting Descubre village, which is a very lovely and beautiful village with middle age castles, buildings, and churches. This village has been inhabited continuously for over a thousand years. You should also see the unique modern art mural by Jesus Mateo (recognized by UNESCO). Take time to walk through the lovely silent streets and stop at the beautiful Parador for a coffee to absorb the gentle atmosphere. There are a lot of things to be learned in this village as it encompasses so many histories about the city.

Parador De Alarcon

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This is one of the grand castles (luxurious state-owned hotels) that Spain has to offer. Parador de Alarcon, set next to the Jucar River is an 8th-century Moorish castle located above the medieval village of Alarcon and offers free public parking on site. It is historic but intimate, so you might as well want to reserve a room for yourself with a four-poster bed and a chaise lounge. The castle has 24 rooms, and you will find it spacious and comfortably decorated with warm colors and luxury fabrics. The finest of Spanish wine is served in the restaurants as well as traditional local food prepared using seasonal ingredients.

Churches in Alarcon

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There are several churches you will find in Alarcon which you can also discover some histories about the beautiful city. The Church of San Juan Bautista is a place you may want to visit in Alarcon. It is located in the town of Alarcon. You will find a lot of paintings inside the building of the church, especially the ones created by Artist Matthew Jesus. He made the sketches that would shape the murals of Alarcon in 1994. Other churches that also entail the history of Alarcon that you may want to visit include St. Mary’s Church and Santo Domingo De Silos Church.

La Tienda Della Nonna

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Tasting some of Spain’s food in Alarcon will make your experience unforgettable. La Tienda Della Nonna is a beautiful restaurant in the beautiful city of Alarcon where you will find groceries and typical products with special style and taste. Its services are unique, and you may want to have the sweetest coffee or tea in one of its tables. The food and vegetables are sumptuous, and the finest of Spain’s wine is sold in this restaurant.

El Riato

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El Riato is a beautiful walkway in Alarcon where you can view the beautiful adornments on the streets of Alarcon. You may want to relax by sitting on its beautifully created chairs that give comfort. The trees and flowers are on the walkway are mind-blowing, and the place is said to be very cold in winter.