Top Interesting Facts about Adare


Adare is a sure treat for those who love history. Although known as Ireland’s prettiest village, it is a charming destination in Limerick that has so much to offer at any time of the year. The sightseeing, spa relaxation, and shopping make it a wonderful place for you to explore. Here are some amazing facts that will interest you about Adare.

Holy Trinity Abbey Church

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The Holy Trinity Abbey Church is a very renowned church that is visited by tourists from all over the world. The beautiful stained-glass window and striking ceiling above the main altar will catch your interest. You will find the architecture and artwork in the interior of the church quite fascinating. It is full of spiritual ambiance with a solid monastic design and is the perfect place for you to engage in worship.

Adare Park

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Another interesting destination for you to visit in Adare is the mind-blowing park situated in this picturesque village. Adare Park is full of historical markers and beautiful trees and is a lovely place for a stroll with plenty of seats if you want to rest. It is very relaxing to walk through beautiful landscapes and views. You could also take some photos by taking advantage of the cool environment with nice flowers. There’s a unique washing pool you will find in the park that is said to be formed by the tributary of the Maigue River. A visit to the park is a nice way to enjoy your tour in Adare.

Adare Craft Market

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Apart from the beautiful park in Adare, there are lots of shopping activities for you to engage yourself in during your tour. Adare craft market is a lovely market in the heart of Adare with local arts, crafts, and produce. The market runs every Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm, where you will find friendly people and a good array of products. There are many things for you to take home as gifts, such as hand crocheted baby clothes, blankets, and jewelry. It is a highly recommended place for you to stop by.

Old Augustinian Friary

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Old Augustinian Friary is an old building that contains St. Nicholas Church, the parish church of the Dunraven family, and a school. It is a lovely place to learn the history of the city and imagine what it would have been like in the past when it was in use. A visit to the old friary is worth it in so many ways. This place is known to be explored by many tourists visiting the village.

Desmond Castle

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Located on the edge of the village of Adare, just off the N21 on the main Limerick to Kerry road, is a beautiful castle that was erected with an ancient ring fort around the early part of the 13th century. The ancient Norman Castle is only accessible via a guarded tour with tickets available from the Adare Heritage Centre. Desmond Castle is well worth a visit while exploring Adare. History has it that the castle was once a fortress and the property of Earls of Kildare until 1536 and was later forfeited to the Earls of Desmond, which brought about its present name.