Top 7 Interesting Facts About the Czech Republic


Bohemian, traditional and authentic. These are the three words that, together, would better define what a travel experience to the Czech country offers us. The curiosities of the Czech Republic that you are going to discover next will probably make you want to take an in-depth trip or go back to appreciate every detail.

The largest number of castles in Europe

Top view of Zvikov castle with traditional red roofs, river and forest in Czech Republic

There are more than 2,000 castles and palaces in the Czech Republic, many more than any other European country. The best known are the castle of Hluboká, Orlík, Lednice and the Český Krumlov castle of state origin.

The favorite hobby of the Czechs


Each country has its own preferred national sport. That of the Czechs is not exactly an Olympic sport, but it is lived and carried out with the same passion. The favorite hobby of Czech citizens is mushroom picking.

Religious curiosities of the Czech Republic

Prague - bridge, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is on the list of the least religious countries in the world. Much heritage is preserved in the form of church architecture, but with its own personalization that makes the social point of view very clear about it.

The economy


Although the euro is not yet used in the Czech Republic, the country has a fairly advanced economy and, far from what the tourist might think, a good standard of living. It has an approximate unemployment rate of 2.2% (one of the lowest in the European Union). It has been considered as the most prosperous and stable of the post-communist countries. One of the most powerful brands in its economy has been Škoda whose cars are sold in more than 100 countries and was founded in 1895.

Prague, the most beautiful city in Europe since the 18th century

Prague Czech Republic

The country’s capital offers a picture that many travelers return to again and again to enjoy. The castle that is located there, is the largest in Europe with no less than 700 rooms. The nights smell of candy and cinnamon and the walks are filled with musicians, vendors and even painters. Here art is enjoyed live and in every corner.

Historical curiosities of the Czech Republic

Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

On January 1, 1993, the Czech Republic gains its independence, as does Slovakia, which together had formed Czechoslovakia for years. Now the Czech country has 13 regions of its own or kraje in Czech whose capital is considered the most beautiful city in Europe: Prague.

Debate between which city in the Czech Republic is the most beautiful

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - DECEMBER 22, 2015: Old Town Square in Prague, Czech republic

There is another city in the Czech Republic that is, in fact, the second most visited in the country after Prague. It is called Český Krumlov and, for some, it is the most beautiful city in the country. You will have to judge for yourself.

Extra tips

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