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Athens is the capital of Greece and also its largest city. Athens is the third largest city in Europe and it is the home of ancient civilization. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, having survived over 3000 years. It is generally believed that the city was named after the goddess of wisdom, Athena. Here are some very fascinating facts about Athens; The city’s Patroness is goddess Athena. Myth has it that Poseidon and Athena were in competition for the title of patron of the city. They both brought gifts to attract the natives of the city. Athena brought olive trees, while Poseidon brought salt water springs. They chose Athena’s gift over Poseidon’s making her the city’s patron. Living or just visiting Athens could not be a complete experience without talking about the Goddess Athena, her patron. Many travelers ask why owl eyes look at us all over the city or what the shield and spear represents. When observing the rock that crowns the city, the Acropolis, doubts assail us such as: What does it represent? Why all those buildings with their symbol? What happened up there? But not only that, but the patron of Athens had its representation both at the top of her city and at her skirts. Keep reading and discover the patron saint of Athens: Goddess Athena. Athena is present in many places in the city A walk through Athens reveals the face of the Goddess who gives her name. Pallas, Ergane, Parthena, Nikea, Promachos.. these are many of its epitites, or so that we understand each other, the different surnames or forms of worship according to the feature of the Goddess or the place where she was. If you want to know more about the epithets of Athena you just have to read this link in English. What is the myth behind Athena’s sponsorship of the city of Athens? We’ll tell you right away. Athena, the patron of Athens Discover the patron of Athens, the Goddess of wisdom. Athena is the daughter born alone, already armed with Zeus. She is the Goddess of wisdom, intelligence and military strategy. They say that the city of Athens, before it had a name, technically when it began to become famous, at some point the Gods wanted to be their patrons. Of all the Olympians, it was Athena, the daughter of the illustrious Zeus, king of the Gods, and Poseidon, the king of the seas and earthquakes who showed up. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!