7 Interesting Facts About Mini Golf


The game of mini-golf, commonly known as crazy golf, originated in 19th century Scotland. A variation of the game of golf was invented by a group of women looking for a new way of playing that met society’s guidelines at the time, where moving the cane over the shoulder was considered “non-feminine”. This new form of play and style was soon adopted by both women and men around the world. The game of mini-golf during the Great Depression was an escape from the harsh reality for many, creating and constructing makeshift pitches as well as obstacles from old pipes, bags of rubbish and boxes. It was a game that combined the fun of traditional golf with the people’s creativity, both in terms of construction and application.

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The Top Facts about Mini Golf

As the years and decades passed, mini-golf courses seemed a bit “blank” to most, like regular golf courses. This was the occasion for the game to assimilate a more modern character, incorporating additional entertainment elements, such as runways, snack bars, restaurants and amusement parks, to reach what they are today: a complete and reliable entertainment option for people of all ages. Visiting a modern mini golf venue such as one of the quality mini-golf venues in the London area of ​​Plonk company, you will be confronted with a modern facility that guarantees you total satisfaction and enjoyment.

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But if we could list the seven most compelling facts of this exciting game, what would they be?

  • Dozens of different names call the game of mini-golf. Names like Crazy Golf, Miniature Golf, Adventure Golf, Goofy Golf and Mini Putt are just a few of the dozens of names used to name this game.
  • The first known mini-golf course ever built is located in Scotland, next to the legendary St Andrews Stadium, one of the most important and famous sites hosted by the British Open.
  • As mentioned above, there were not all these features and modern elements we know today in the early years of mini golf, with theme parks and various fancy obstacles. People used imaginative ways in which they tried to increase the challenge of the game.

Happy brother and sister  playing mini golf.

  • The first official mini golf course was built in 1916 in the Pinehurst area of ​​California under the name Thistle Dhu.
  • With the transfer of the game of mini golf to the United States, there has been a rapid increase in the construction of stadiums, especially in New York City, where the stadiums were housed at the tops of the city’s iconic buildings.
  • The World Minigolf Sport Federation recognizes four different types of events, such as Miniature Golf, Felt Golf, Concrete Golf and Mini Golf Open Standards.


  • The various impressive mini golf courses that glow at night were originally implemented in the Nordic countries because of the long duration of the night that prevails throughout the year, thus enabling them to play this game outdoors when the outdoors make it impossible for them.

Now that you’ve learned some exciting things about playing mini-golf, we hope you’ve been interested in grabbing a small stick and placing these balls in their holes. Book your appointment at one of the dozens of venues in your area and enjoy a pleasant game with your loved ones.