10One of the Largest Lakes

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Lake Coghinas which is called Lago di Coghinas in Italian is an artificial lake, in northern Sardinia, Italy. This artificial lake is located between the provinces of Sassari and Sassari. The Lake Coghinas was constructed under Fascism in 1924, and it is 185 meters long and 58 meters wide. The lake has the function to supply water to the nearby villages, and it also has a hydroelectric power plant. The lake has become a tourist attraction to many people around the world, and it is the home of a rich ecosystem. Located around Lake Coghinas are restaurants, a sailing club, and a youth hostel. The Lake Coghinas has a surface area of about 17.8 km², and it has a capacity of 254 million cubic meters of water. This bigger size of the lake makes it the second largest lake in the region. It is second only to Lake Omodeo. This lake is, however, one of the major reservoirs in Italy. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!