10 Cool Facts About Car Rental


Renting a car has become easier than ever, as the internet allows you to compare prices, available vehicles and coverage from many rental companies. Below, you will find some information from frequent travellers and professionals in the field about things to watch out for or avoid to save time and money and enjoy your vacation without problems and unpleasant surprises, creating an overview of useful car hire facts.

Book a car as early as you can and not when you arrive at your destination

By planning the car rental in advance, you have the time to compare prices and choose the most advantageous offer for the car that meets your needs, while you do not spend the precious time of your trip in search of a vehicle. On the other hand, if you choose to book at the destination, there is no possibility of comparing many different companies, so you will likely not get the best possible price. At the same time, the offer will be more limited, depending on the availability of vehicles at the moment.

Clarify what’s included in the insurance coverage

Clarify what is included and what is not in the insurance coverage, if there are additional charges for pick up / return at the airport or elsewhere, extra driver, winter tires, etc. So you will know from the beginning the total cost of the reservation, and you will be able to compare better available offers, taking into account all the data.

Know exactly about the cost of the insurance exemption

Make sure you know the amount of the insurance exemption, i.e. the amount you will have to pay in the event of an accident and which will be committed to your credit card until the return of the vehicle. It is possible to avoid this amount by extending the insurance coverage. Knowing the charges every time, you can decide what you prefer.

Find out the policy of each company for travel abroad

If you plan to travel by car outside the country of rent, let the company know if there are any additional costs or other restrictions.

Inform the rental company immediately of any delays

In case of delay in receiving the vehicle at the scheduled time, inform the rental company to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as selling your car to another customer.

Have all the documents for the car hire in your possession

Ensure you have all the necessary documents for the rental, such as ID/passport, driver’s license (international if you are travelling abroad) and voucher/booking confirmation. You will also need a credit card with an available limit that covers the amount that will be committed during the rental.

It is essential to know about the fuel used by the vehicle you are hiring

Be sure to ask if the car is filled with petrol or diesel and if you pick it up and return it with a full tank or vice versa. If you received it with a full tank and you do not return it also full, the company will charge you for the fuel which will be extremely high.

The car hiring details truly make the difference

Before receiving the vehicle that you have agreed to, it is advisable to inspect the car visually and report any damage that we may detect (the same applies if we find a technical problem while driving).

At the same time, in cases of mechanical damage, due to misuse of the vehicle, the vehicle user is responsible and in case of violations of the Traffic Code, where the fine is charged to the driver-renter.

In case of an accident, you call the police immediately

In the event of an accident, call the police, get a copy of the report and generally follow the prescribed procedure according to the terms of your contract.

Find the most affordable deal

Renting a car is a fairly simplified process that can also be done online. In any case, do extensive market research to get the best possible price. Once you have reached your final choice, ask to be given the terms of the contract in detail before signing. You should also be aware that the delivery/pick-up of the vehicle at specific points (e.g. airports or ports) and the use of additional equipment, such as child seats, is charged extra. Finally, in most cases, car rental transactions are made via credit card, from which an amount is withheld as a guarantee that is released for a second year or offset. A reliable rental company is Enjoy Travel which, with representations in dozens of countries around the world, can ensure the quality and economy of its services whenever you want.