Top Interesting Facts About Therasia

Only 300 people live in this island that is part of the Cyclades. What make Therasia so cool are the historical landmarks, the waters, and elements of the sea, which is something that is...

Top Interesting Facts About Donoussa

Donoussa is a community in the Cyclades, with impressive whitewashed houses and golden beaches. It isn’t very big in size but the place is full of colors and an impressive view for people who...
Traditional Day of the dead food

8 Top Interesting Facts About the Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead is one of the best known traditions in the world; It is celebrated on November 1 and 2 and aims to remember and celebrate loved ones who are no...

Top Interesting Facts About Heart Of Neolithic Orkney

Scotland is the home of monuments, and one of such high-quality monuments you find in this land is the Heart of Neolithic Orkney. Apart from being a reputable World Heritage Site, it also offers...
Albania flag. Albanian flag on a pole waving on blue sky background

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Albania

Albania happens to be one of those European oddities that are usually not transcended more than some somewhat unfortunate stereotypes. This catch-all on the Balkan Peninsula, refreshed by Adriatic and Ionian waters, full of...
Union Jack Flag

Top 10 Interesting Facts About the United Kingdom

This time we're taking a look at the kingdom of Queen Elizabeth. Let's take a look at the most interesting facts about the United Kingdom. The UK Is a Joint of 4 Different Countries Great Britain...

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Greece

One of the most popular travel destinations in Europe is Greece. A beautiful country with a fascinating history and incredible landscapes. Here are 10 interesting facts about Greece! Meaning of the flag The flag has nine...

Top 8 Interesting Facts About Ukraine

Ukraine is a magnificent destination to travel and enjoy, full of contrasts with incredible gastronomy. It is also a country with a lot of history and full of curiosities. Here are some of the...
PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - DECEMBER 22, 2015: Old Town Square in Prague, Czech republic

Top 7 Interesting Facts About the Czech Republic

Bohemian, traditional and authentic. These are the three words that, together, would better define what a travel experience to the Czech country offers us. The curiosities of the Czech Republic that you are going...

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Poland

Every country has a special charm, but Poland smells like pierogi, milk bars and the great outdoors. Yes, you read that right, although it is not a bar where you can drink milk. In...

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