5 Top Facts Dog Owners Should Know


If you’re a dog owner, chances are you know your pet inside out

You know all about their favourite toys, favourite places to sleep, their favourite snacks – you’re a walking encyclopaedia filled with knowledge about your pooch.

But the funny thing about pets is that they can always find a way to surprise you – there’s always a new experience waiting to capture their excitement, whether it’s their first glimpse of sand or snow, a fascination with a shiny new toy, or the simply joy of meeting another new doggy friend for the first time.

With that in mind, these are just five top facts that all dog owners should know – but that many of them don’t!

  1. They’re better communicators than we think

The average canine probably knows up to 100 words – ones like, fetch, sit, and hopefully, ‘no’ – although some dogs receive the latter with a degree of selective hearing

Of course, the way in which dogs understand language is distinctively different to the way in which humans do – they can’t understand abstract concepts, but you can bet that the word ‘walk’ will have their tails wagging with joy!

  1. They can eat many human foods

Often feel watchful eyes on you as you’re tucking into your evening meal? Or see little noses sniffing around?

There are some human foods which are simply not designed for canine consumption, so you shouldn’t feel bad saying no to your pooch – chocolate is the biggest no-no, as are most processed sweets and snacks.

However, the occasional human treat can in fact be good for your pet, in moderation – foods like chicken and fish, plain white rice, and even carrots and strawberries!

If you’re ever in doubt, always consult your vet before feeding your furry friend any of these.

  1. They can be affected by allergies too

It’s hard seeing your dog sick, and the hardest part is that they can’t tell you what’s wrong.

And unfortunately, if they’re under the weather frequently, it may be the result of an allergy. Dogs can be allergic to certain foods, pollen, and other environmental factors, just like humans!

If you think your dog may have an allergy, you can ask your vet to submit a sample to an allergen specialist, such as Avacta Animal Health. Catching these ailments early can help you prevent them coming into contact with irritants and treat reactions as soon as possible.

  1. Dogs are attuned to our emotions

This one may come as no surprise to you, but dogs are incredibly intuitive to our emotions. They can tell when we’re stressed, when we’re sad and even when we’re sick.

You may notice your dog gets extra cuddly when you’re a little down. Or perhaps they don’t have quite as much energy as usual, and don’t seem as enthused about their walks or toys.

However, some quality time with your pooch can have you both cheered up in no time.

  1. They can benefit your health!

Dogs need regular walking, which is great news for your own exercise routine! It’s one of the reasons so many new owners adopted in lockdown – with a dog, you have no reason not to get out and get moving!

But aside from the positive changes they bring to your routine, dog owners benefit both mentally and physically from the companionship of their canine. Cuddling with your dog can reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate!

These are just five fantastic facts about dogs that all dog owners should know.

Any surprises here? Let us know in the comments below!