Top Facts About Buying Essays Online


There are companies known as essay factories: a lucrative business aimed at those students who face difficulties doing homework on their own. Student fraud is a topic that has been the center of attention recently, after a bribery scandal at elite universities in the United States made headlines around the world.

The bribery scandal for children of millionaires and television stars to enter elite universities such as Yale or Stanford. This, however, is not the first of its kind: India, for example, is still dealing with the dismantling of a fraud (apparently large-scale) in the entrance exam to one of its medical schools. And irregularities go beyond admission processes. Below you’ll find some interesting facts about buying essays online.

Easy Access and Convenience

Students often face a lot of stress during their university and college years. Deadlines to be met, exams and high tuition fees. Getting through university is not easy and failing a class because there was not enough time to write an essay for many is not an option. This is mainly why the option to buy an essay online is so appealing. Students would rather pay than take the time to write an essay that could possibly not be good enough and fail.

Gray Area

Many of the students who face problems to develop their homework, pay providers to do the work instead. Such business, which reports about US $ 150,000 a year, began to grow after the first student shared contact with other people. A 1000-word piece is priced at approximately US $ 150. However, the nature of this work also has an educational part. It is always recommended that students consult the essay, but not send it directly to their teacher as is. There are some who really learn from these essays so selling essays in general falls into a gray area.

100% Plagiarism Free

Gareth Crossman, from the UK Quality Assurance Agency, has a considerably tougher opinion. He believes that, in addition to putting their own education at risk, student actions have major implications. Trial manufacturers take advantage of advances in technology to attract customers. I think the fact that institutions are increasingly willing to accept that this is a problem (and a risk to their reputation) is positive. It also shows that this is an important issue that needs to be resolved. Crossman cites an investigation published last year by the University of Swansea, which indicates that at least one in seven students worldwide could be buying essays. It is not a new phenomenon, he adds, but one that has greatly increased due to advances in technology.

A Legal Option

The quality of the suppliers, says Crossman, varies. Some are highly qualified and others barely know how to read and write. And despite legislation in some states in the United States, New Zealand and Ireland, essay factories remain legal in most of the developed world. International students have more reasons that make them vulnerable: they don’t have support networks like that of the family, and sometimes they don’t have language skills. It is with them that the institutions are in debt, to ensure that any student with difficulties is identified and receives support.