Top 5 Facts About Neutralizers


If you work in the construction industry, then you’re probably familiar with the problem of concrete washout, particularly, how to safely dispose of concrete washout.

Concrete washout has a high pH level, which can cause damage to the environment, and diluting washout with water is not practical – it would require too much water to do the job effectively and efficiently.

Instead, an industrial neutralizer is the best course of action, and here are our top five facts about neutralizers.

Neutralizers Protect the Planet

Climate change is one of the most important problems we face as a society, so ensuring that we conduct our business practices in an environmentally friendly way is essential.

In fact, research indicates the prevention of global warming is such a vital part of our lives now that 81% of customers prefer to support brands that conduct themselves in a sustainable manner.

If you work in the construction industry, then a neutralizer is the best way for you to ensure that your concrete washout is safe for the environment.

Neutralizers Use CO2 to Neutralize Concrete Washout

Using water to get the pH balance of your concrete washout down to an acceptable level for safe disposal would be both impractical and wasteful. This is because, in order to reduce the pH levels of your concrete washout to a level of 9, you would need ten thousand litres of water for every litre of concrete washout.

Instead, a CO2 industrial neutralizer uses C02, which when dissolved in water is slightly acidic, to neutralise the concrete washout. This is a safer solution than an acidic neutralisation system, especially on a construction site where there are lots of moving vehicles.

Neutralizers Can Be Hired

While you can of course purchase an industrial neutralizer – and if you’re going to be making frequent use of it then this might be the most financially viable option – if you’re just going to require one for an odd job, then they can be hired too.

Companies such as Smart Storm specialise in water treatment solutions and products, including their Industrial Neutralizer which can be hired by businesses as and when they need.

Neutralizers Benefit a Range of Businesses

Construction is a wide umbrella of an industry, and an industrial neutraliser can benefit a wide range of businesses.

These include, but are by no means limited to, residential and commercial construction, mining, and brick manufacture.

If your company deals with concrete washout, then ensuring that it is safely disposed of is essential.

Neutralizers Can Prevent Hefty Fines

The Environment Agency has set out a series of guidelines for how to treat and dispose of waste water, and these must be adhered to in your industry.

Complying with regulations is not just important for the environment, but it is also important for your business too. This is because failure to comply with these environmental regulations can result in large fines and even the closure of your construction site.

By using a neutralizer for your concrete washout, you’ll ensure that you’re disposing of your waste water without additional chemicals and in a way that follows the environment agency’s guidance.

Have you used an industrial neutralizer in your industry? Share your experiences with this waste water solution in the comments below!