Top 3 Facts About PPC Marketing


Like all aspects of digital marketing, PPC is a relatively new addition to the marketing world, but one that businesses across industries are thriving on.

For those who don’t know, PPC or pay-per-click marketing is basically paid ads that appear in search engines. These are targeted to specific search terms, e.g. ‘jewellers in Yorkshire’, ‘bakery in London’. Chances are you’ve clicked on one of these ads at least once in your life, and they can work wonders for your business.

Whether your aim is to boost online orders or bring real-life customers through your door, PPC is a great way to target customers from across the nation – here are just three facts about PPC for those getting started.

  1. It won’t put your customers off

The most common myth about PPC is that it actually drives consumers away – supposedly, because it’s an ad, consumers are automatically less likely to click on it.

In some cases, this may be true. But research indicates that in reality, the majority of search users can’t actually tell the difference between an organic search result and an ad.

This isn’t necessarily because of any sneaky tactics by Google – PPC ads are marked as such in search engines. Usually, when consumers are seeking a product or service, they simply want good results for your search, so search ads will simply send high-intent customers your way.

  1. Copy matters

Well-written content attracts customers.

This is true in any area in any area of your business from your onsite content to your social media and of course, your PPC advertising, where you have around 160 characters in which to impress a new customer – someone who may never even have heard of your business before.

Basic spelling and grammar are a must to boost those clicks, and remember to include a call to action – a phrase that compels your customer to do something!

  1. You still need SEO

There’s a common misconception that you don’t actually need SEO if you have PPC, or vice versa. Unfortunately, that’s simply not true – for long-term, sustainable results, you should be making use of both – for beginners, you may want to consider enlisting some support from experts like Maratopia Digital Marketing.

SEO and PPC go hand in hand to boost your site’s presence in search engines. However, an SEO campaign can take a long time to build from scratch, meaning it could be months before you see your site creep up the search engines. However, unlike SEO, PPC yields quick results pretty much overnight, and though it can be more expensive than SEO, it’s well worth the investment. PPC can also have long-term benefits as well as short-term boosts – a customer who may not click on your ad may recognise your brand’s name in the future, making them more likely to click an organic search result a few months down the line.

There’s so much to know about PPC, and we’ve barely scratched the surface. But we hope these three top facts