10 Top Interesting Facts About the Human Body


How many times do you stop to think about how extraordinary the body is? These complex machines have millions of internal processes going on every second that work together to keep us alive and well. Skin can regenerate to heal a paper cut. The tongue allows us to savor the spicy flavor of the homemade sauce. And the eyes see everything, from the blue sky to the pink polka dots on a sweater. And these are just a few of the amazing things your body does for you every day. Here are 10 other incredible facts about the body:

1. We had more bones at birth


You probably thought you had always had 206 bones in your body, but think again! Actually, we are born with 300 bones and some of them fuse together as our body grows taller.

2. And the strongest muscle award goes to..

Dental model of jaw.

You may be surprised to learn that the jaw is the strongest muscle in the body.

3. Who needs flashlights?

flash umbrella on black

The body produces a flash of light, but unfortunately it is invisible to the naked eye.

4. Saliva


On average, a person produces enough saliva to fill two swimming pools. Disgusting and fascinating at the same time!

5. The liver is a superhero

partial view of woman with paper made human liver on grey background

The liver is the only organ that can completely regenerate itself. If someone were to donate their liver to someone else, the liver would grow back to its original size within a few weeks.

6. Small but mighty


The smallest bones in the body are found inside the ear. In fact, they are so small that they could fit on a penny. But without them, he couldn’t hear.

7. Ear wax!

Closeup of mother using cotton swabs to clean little baby's ears from ear wax. Concept of babies and newborn hygiene and healthcare. Caring parents with little children.

Your ear is cleaned only thanks to one thing: ear wax. It’s not just yellow gunk, it keeps your ears clean and protects you from bacteria.

8. Superhuman vision

Glasses for vision in hands on the background of an eye chart

Did you know that the eyes are so powerful that they can detect the light of a candle flame from more than 1.7 miles away?

9. The smell of nostalgia

Woman smelling fresh herbs, close-up

The sense of smell is closely linked to memories. Certain smells can trigger very strong emotions and memories almost instantly. (Fun fact: Women have a stronger sense of smell than men.)

10. Things that are unique


Forget fingerprints, did you know that your tongue print is unique to you? Perhaps it will be a new authentication tool for the next smartphone.