10 Fantastic Facts About T shirts


If you were to look in any wardrobe you would be hard stretched to find one that is missing a t shirt. The t shirt is such a humble garment that if like me, forms the solid foundation to any outfit.

We all have a t shirt tucked away that may not look the best, it may no longer fit the best, bit its still has that sentimental importance which solidifies its place your life. And, for these reasons we have put together a list of 10 great facts about t shirts!

  1. The first promotional t shirt was created as a marketing material for the film The Wizard of Oz. On the off chance you have one of those tucked away in wardrobe you may want to hang on to it!
  1. The all so well-now and loved tie dye patterns were created as part of a political movement in the 1960s against the Vietnam war, using the bright vibrant colours the spread the message of peace and love. Nice.
  1. Ever wondered why it’s called a ‘t’ shirt? Probably not, but I will tell you anyway. When laid out on a flat surface, the garment looks like a T. Ground breaking stuff.
  1. The name ‘crew neck’ originates from the United States Navy, as the name given to the t shirt worn underneath their uniforms.
  1. Band t shirts have been around for decades now, as more recently have become a revenue source for many bands, what many don’t know is where this trend came from, a quick look back would show you that the band The Grateful Dead and their DIY promotional t shirts kicked off a trend that is still popular today.
  1. The most iconic t shirt, argued by many, would be the I heart New York t shirt, which was originally created ass a campaign to promote tourism in New York City, and the make it more fitting, the design was conceived in the back of a taxi.
  1. T Shirts were worn as undershirts until Marlon Brando popularised the garment in A Street Car Named Desire. Before the release of the film the garment was worn underneath other garments, unsurprisingly popularity soared after the release of the film.
  1. T Shirt Personalisation has been around many years, with one of the first dating back to 3rd centaury China where wooden blocks were carved and used to transfer the ink. If you are interested in modern clothing personalisation methods check out Banana Moon!
  1. The world record for the most t shirts worn at one time is a whopping 260, and was secured by Ted Hastings in Canada. Must have been warm!
  1. The Average person owns over 25 t shirts! How many of those t shirts get worn regularly is another question however!